If you can describe your challenge

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Design & Engineering

We help you design the optimal solution, selecting the best technologies available.

Testing & Certification

All solutions are rigorously tested and certified, along with documentation.

Spares & Aftermarket

Our aftermarket service calls upon extensive knowledge and archives with relationships going back years.

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Flare Gas Recovery

Zero flaring solutions

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Multiple Pig Launcher

for remote operations

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Quick Opening Enclosures

focus on safe operations

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Products & Solutions

Innovative and sustainable technology, products and solutions

Water treatment
Tech Trade provides complete aftersales support for electrochlorination packages. This includes spare parts and offshore service to maintain and keep electrochlorinators running reliably and safely.


Zero Flaring solutions
Tech Trade is committed to helping operators reduce their carbon footprint. Tech Trade promotes many technologies including FGR (flare gas recovery) ejectors and ballistic ignition systems, which enable operators work towards zero flaring.

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Water generators *
Water is extracted from the surrounding atmosphere using an optimized combination of condensation and absorption technologies consiting of Atmospheric Induction, Water extraction and separation, and UV Purification, filtration and Storage.


Electrical heaters can be used for heating all processes offshore and onshore. Along with critical applications such as fuel gas treatment and glycol regeneration, they also represent a robust heating solution for unmanned and electrified platforms, which do not have waste heat available.

Less capital cost, lower operational costs, and less maintenance intensive solutions

Filtration & Separation
Tech-Trade AS have provided customers with filtration and separation solutions for more than 30 years. We pride ourselves on our ability to custom design solutions, which, can provide operators with lower operating cost.

Ejectors are also known in the industry as eductors, jet pumps and compressors. Tech Trade AS work with the world leading Company, Transvac, to provide a better understanding on how ejectors can be used to help operators reduce investment and operating costs. Ejectors provide solutions which can help reduce carbon footprints offshore and are suitable for unmanned platforms requiring minimum maintenance.

Smart and safe solutions

Pigging Solutions
Tech Trade are a total supplier of pig launchers, receivers and pigging equipment including pig signallers, trolleys, interlock systems and control panels. Our multiple pig launchers are a field proven solution which can be used on unmanned platforms.

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Bandlock closures
Tech Trade represent SPX Flow which manufacture the GD Bandlock™ 2 quick opening closure. We can offer both horizontal and vertical closure solutions for all process equipment applications.

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Piping Specials
For more than 30 years, Tech Trade has been a leading supplier of piping special items including:

  • Inline Strainers – Conical, T-Type, Y-Type & Basket Strainers.
    Ejectors, Eductors & Jet Pumps.
    Flame Arrestors (ATEX).
    Expansion Bellows & Compensators.
    Injection & Sampling Quills.
    Hoses & Hose Couplings.
    Static Mixers.
    Sight Glasses & Flow Glasses.
    Bird Screens.
    Air Vent Heads.
    Air Traps, Vacuum Breakers & Liquid Drainers.
    Seal Pots.
    Barred Tees.
    Pressure Reduction Devices.
    Sampling Coolers.

Total Project Management

Design & Engineering

Our skilled team of engineers provide support to customers during conceptual design, engineering support, and product selection.

Detailed design and development work for the solution remains the responsibility of the relevant supplier(s). We aim to deliver the best solution to meet our customers’ needs, considering factors such as life-cycle, function, performance and ease of maintenance.

Our responsibility and added value ensures that our solutions meet specific application requirements and calling for design changes as required.

Verification & Monitoring

Tech Trade monitors, follows-up, checks & reviews all activities and liaises both with suppliers and  customers alike to ensure that their requirements are met and that activities are carried out in a timely manner.

These reviews ensure that the projects’ requirements are adequately defined and all Design Input requirements are identified, documented, and reviewed for adequacy and compliance, including:

  1. Functional and performance requirements.
  2. Applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
  3. Relevant information or experience derived from previous similar design.

All essential documentation, drawings, and calculations are prepared, monitored and controlled through our Document Control Centre, and submitted according to Client requirements.

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