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the Tech Trade advantage

At Tech Trade, we believe in utilising diverse skill sets and expertise to achieve project success.

Our project-based teams are designed to maximize the use of manpower and talent, promoting efficient communication and a lean project execution process.

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You're in good hands

"Tech Trade is the sum of the competence and experience of our team."

Eivind Fredriksen I Managing Director

The Tech Trade team approach

The magic lies in the interfaces

We don’t need to be experts in the same area. Tech Trade team members work in project based teams, maximising the manpower and talent in each team.

This ensures that projects run efficiently, with reliable communication.

Quality Commitment

We believe that robust solutions will give the best ROI.

That is why we focus on quality throughout a project, - quality that will prove long lasting and return the highest value to our customers.

Quality first

  • Quality Vendors
  • Quality Partners
  • Quality Products
  • Quality Engineering
  • Quality Project Execution
  • Quality Documentation
  • Quality Customer service


Compliance is essential in building a trustworthy reputation.

We therefore adhere to all relevant laws, regulations, and standards, operating ethically and responsibly, ensuring that our stakeholders rest easy.

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